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This Unix System Administration Tutorial Video offers a hands-on primer in the common commands and tasks necessary to become a competent Unix admin. Narrated by IT professional Bobby Rogers, the tutorials avoids a lot of the "filler" information found in other training, moving beyond basic facts and history tidbits and going right into the real-world operation of this powerful OS. The Unix video course assumes a general background in technology and is best suited to new admins or those who have primarily worked with other operating systems in the past. Starting with basics and gradually advancing in complexity, this tutorial video series covers a variety of utilities, functions and tasks, working primarily within the command line but also including a number of GUI operations when relevant. Most lessons in the course are FreeBSD tutorials, letting you learn core Unix concepts with the pure form of the Operating System before offering advice on Linux and Solaris variants. The training is designed to give you competence in the underlying architecture so that you can effectively use any major version. The Unix System Administration tutorial video can now be ordered to own on CD / DVD or viewed instantly online as part of the monthly subscriber package.

Associated Tutorials: Fedora | Unix Shell Fundamentals | Unix Shell Scripting Advanced | Ubuntu Server | Ubuntu Linux | Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 | MS SharePoint 2010 - 70-573 | Red Hat - RHCSA

Unix System Admin Tutorial CD / DVD

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Over 4.5 hours of high quality video-based training that walks you through the program in easy to follow stages.

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Learn Unix System Admin from a leading expert and quickly master the skills required to work in a commercial environment.

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