Best Unix operating system

Microsoft software support in its various versions, holding over 50% of the market. In this volume include different versions of operating systems, web browsers, office software support, development tools and more. Remainder of the market consists of operating systems based on UNIX. UNIX is a name created by shortening the English compound Uniplexed Information and omputing System, and transmutation of letters CS in X, for sonority. Unix is present on a computer system or some of its variants, or as an operating system which is a good part of the 'take' of a Unix box that held derivatives as:

  • Ultrix (DEC - Digital Equipment Corporation)
  • BSD unix (Berkeley Software Distribution - FreeBSD, OpenBSD)
  • SCO unix (SCO Group Inc.)
  • AIX (IBM - International Business Machines Corporation)
  • IRIX (SGI - Silicon Graphics Incorporated)
  • Solaris (Sun - Sun Microsystems)
  • Mac OS X (Macintosh - Apple Computer, Inc.)
  • Linux (RedHat, Mandrake, Knopix, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu ...)

It was developed at AT&Bell Laboratories in the U.S. the 1970th, where he was set computer network that has been described as the ancestor of today's global computer network. Often, Unix solutions stand out as finance cheaper than Microsoft. True, the Unix operating systems and applications can be obtained for free, but with no support, no documentation, no corrections (patches) and everything else is now considered standard in the software industry. On the other hand, with good pay, on Unix platforms can get everything they want. So, the price is a relative term.TUX - Linux Penguin Unix was first allowed users a graphical interface, which in turn gladly himself says Apple. Microsoft say that Apple 'borrowed' the idea of a graphical interface. How anyone is 'innocent' in this whole story accurately describes the movie 'Pirates of Silicon Valley', which illustrates both. Although many people imagine as the operating system without a GUI, Unix is very early transferred from the command line (command prompt) on the graphical interface. Today's most powerful graphics workstation Silicon Graphics (SGI) using Irix Unix variant. With IRIX, and there are many others as well as Solaris (Sun OS) and many versions of Linux systems. Often mistakenly graphical interface to the Unix-based computers called 'Windows', but a 'X Window' interface or any of the other commercial graphical interface for Unix environment as CDE.

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What is the best Unix-based operating system?

"Best" is often a matter of opinion, and can be highly subjective. Mac OS X, Solaris 10, AIX,and z/OS are the only major certified Unix operating systems still under development. Mac OS X is the most popular Unix desktop, and Solaris 10 is the most popular one on large servers.