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Strategic planning

UD's "Delaware Will Shine" strategic planning initiative is well underway. Check out what's happening and share your ideas with the planning team.

Women's Caucus

This fall semester, the University of Delaware Women's Caucus will host two general meetings, one with a faculty focus and one with a staff focus.

While the Mills cluster uses AMD's Interlagos processor and a 40 Gbps (QDR) Infiniband network, the new cluster will be built using Intel Ivy Bridge processors and a 56 Gbps (FDR) Infiniband network. A request for proposal has been issued for the purchase of 64 nodes with a baseline node configuration slated to include two Ivy Bridge processors with a minimum of 10 cores each, 64 GB of RAM, and a 56 Gbps (FDR) Infiniband network adapter at a price in the $5, 000 to $6, 000 range. Currently, 15 faculty researchers have reserved 40-plus nodes.

IT plans to offer faculty the ability to purchase additional nodes at the same price for the next 18 months, allowing the cluster to grow to 300 nodes. Final pricing and any additional details will be communicated to researchers as they become available.

In the community cluster, individual researchers will get priority access to the computing power they purchase without the ongoing financial liability of running their own computing clusters. When other community partners' nodes are idle, they can be used by a cluster stakeholder and his or her research group until the owner needs them.

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