High Performance Computing Use Cases


Current State

In high performance computing (HPC), users leverage aggregated computing power – computing servers and clusters – to solve problems that are computationally intensive or data intensive. Demand for HPC comes from both enterprise and government clients, who use high performance computing for such work as computational fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics simulation, earth modeling, high-frequency trading, Big Data analytics, and computer-aided engineering.

The Challenge

High performance computing equipment typically operates at a higher density per rack than less computationally intense equipment. These high density requirements can strain existing power and cooling infrastructure. Most legacy data centers are not equipped to handle increasingly intense power and cooling requirements.

According to Forrester, “[IT infrastructure and operations] pros have told Forrester on several occasions that converged infrastructure offerings are more power-intensive and require more cooling than their data center is prepared to handle.”

The Solution: IO.Anywhere®

IO.Anywhere is manufactured, factory-tested, UL-listed, and software-defined data center infrastructure that is engineered specifically to accommodate high density requirements.

Most traditional raised floor data center environments typically cannot accommodate densities greater than 150 watts per square foot. In contrast, IO.Anywhere data modules can generally accommodate greater than 600 watts per square foot in an active power configuration.

That benefit of the modular data center infrastructure is recognized by 451 Research: “Prefabricated [modular] designs suit high densities. Prefabrication has inherent design and scalability advantages in supporting high rack densities cost-effectively and in an energy-efficient fashion. Investments in advanced aerodynamic optimizations, granular scalability and dynamically regulated multimode cooling systems – all integrated into the design – help PFM data centers to gain an edge over traditional builds.”


In most traditional raised-floor data center environments, high performance computing applications may share the same space, power, and cooling infrastructure as the organization’s other IT applications, such as email or back-up storage. This multi-application environment can present a security challenge if the HPC application uses sensitive data.

In this scenario, IO.Anywhere modules can be discretely provisioned to support individual applications and physically segregated from the rest of the data center. And because the module is built using a compartmentalized architecture, access to the IT equipment can be restricted to authorized personnel, further protecting the HPC application.


IO.Anywhere provides the flexibility to scale without having to build out new space or make major renovations to existing infrastructure. IO’s software-defined, modular approach helps “future-proof” the data center and supports density growth within the same physical footprint.

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