High Performance Computing for Dummies

Hormel Institute High Performance Computing

Our High Performance Computing (HPC) has been developed to provide state-of-the-art tools specifically to be used in biomedical (e.g., cancer) research. Drug discovery is increasingly dependent upon high throughput biotechnological advances that are limited by inadequate access to high-end supercomputing power. Typically, cancer researchers struggle for computer time at large academic computer centers or even resort to creating their own clusters using a large number of desktop PCs. For successful drug development, researchers must systematically screen millions of small molecules to find a successful match between a chemical and its protein target–a process that can take years and requires a picture of the 3-D structure of the protein. At the Institute we have two supercomputers and individual workstations 100% dedicated to bioinformatics and molecular modeling. The new “Cal42” IBM GPU cluster supercomputer combined with our BlueGene/L offers researchers access to the large-scale screening capacity necessary to identify small molecules for studying the functions of biological pathways in health and disease research. The supercomputer chemical screening uses data from our protein crystallography facility and protein modeling and simulation with 3-D projection to create and analyze many proteins associated with diseases like cancer. The long-term goal is to develop new technologies to accelerate discovery and facilitate comprehensive study of human disease by combining analyses of protein structure/function with advanced methods of data management and drug screening. These tools for studying proteins and pathways lay the foundation for even more complex future projects that will drive BioBusiness and BioScience facilitating opportunities for tech spin off businesses in Minnesota and the region.

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